About Us

Dr. J. Robert ClintonDr. J. Robert Clinton (Bobby, 1.0)

Clinton Leadership 2.0 exists to continue the work of J. Robert Clinton and Richard Clinton by inspiring, encouraging, strengthening, and motivating leaders to finish well. Our vision is to help leaders become more effective by providing leadership teaching, leadership materials, on-line leadership training, and leadership mentoring. Through the application of the 'Clinton' leadership perspectives, this ministry will pursue its calling to help leaders all around the world accomplish God's destiny for their lives and finish well.

Clinton leadership material has grown out of decades of leadership research and study. Dr. J. Robert Clinton (Bobby, 1.0) was a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in the School of World Mission who spearheaded the leadership concentration. He pioneered and published his Leadership Emergence Theory which was used in the flagship course ML530 which focused on the process God uses to develop leaders. In addition to this, he taught and interacted with students in a number of leadership areas. Some of his other popular courses included Mentoring, Bible Centered Leadership, and Designing Leadership Training. Throughout his career, he continued to develop material for these courses and publish material for leaders throughout the world.

Dr. Richard ClintonDr. Richard Clinton (2.0)

Dr. Richard Clinton (2.0) joined his father in the work of leadership development in the early 1990's. He assisted his father in leadership research, teaching and training. They worked together at Fuller and traveled throughout the world together doing seminars and workshops. He was a pastor for the entirety of the time he worked with his father and all told has pastored churches for over 40 years, but he has also worked as an adjunct professor and teacher in several graduate programs around the world.

The main focus of our teaching and training is personal leadership development. We want to help leaders finish well. Helping leaders get perspective on how God develops a leader and helping them get oriented to where they are in their process of development are major focuses. Of course, this also includes helping them anticipate what is coming next. All these perspectives enable the leader to better align themselves and fulfill God's destiny for their lives.