Living a Focused Life

How powerful would it be if you could see and understand what God's plan is for your life? This course is about getting perspective on what God has been doing in your life and discerning where you are in your leadership development journey and gaining insight into what is coming in the next season of your life. In the course, we will use 7 aspects of your leadership journey to find clues about God's plan for you. The goal is to produce a life purpose statement that outlines God's plan for you. It helps you to align yourself with His plan and give you some steps to take as you move into the next season of development. You will be enabled to live a 'focused life' that is centered on God's plan.

Format: It is designed as a self-study course. It can be done as an intensive course that Richard leads with a group. Or you could be led individually through the course by Richard.

Re-imaging God

In the innermost part of you, what do imagine God to like? In this course, we will work through what an 'image' of God is. We will look at how images are formed. Most importantly, you will be led through a process of reflection to discover what your most important 'imaging' of God is. Then you will be able to evaluate if it is Biblically accurate and if it is not, you will be led into a healing process for correcting and then strengthening it. Also, you will be introduced to a process for studying the Bible and embracing images of God which will enrich your view of God.

Format: This is designed to be a self-study course. It could also be used in a group. It could also be led by Richard in a group setting.

Embracing the challenge of finishing well

Do you want to finish well? It is no secret that finishing well in life and ministry is not guaranteed for anyone. In the Bible, we have enough information about 49 leaders to read how they finished. Only 13 of them finished well. What a warning! In this course, we will look at the 5 characteristics of what a good finish looks like. We will examine the 8 barriers that often block or hinder leaders from finishing well. We will outline the 6 things that we can do to enhance our chances of finishing well. The goal is to generate a plan to enhance your chances of finishing well and raise your awareness of the challenge of finishing well.

Format: This is designed to be a self-study course. It could also be used in a group that is led by Richard.