Leadership Coaching

Have you ever experienced the power of a good guide? Someone who understands how to help you figure out where you and help you discern where you are headed? Someone who can help you get 'unstuck' and moving with focus and clarity again? That is what 'leadership coaching' is all about. We offer three kinds of leadership coaching with Richard:

Personal Leadership Development Coaching:

We will walk through a number of tools to figure out where you are in God's process of personal leadership development. You will have a chance to think through what God is doing in you to develop you. This coaching is all about looking back to trace God's work in your life, understanding where you are presently and getting a glimpse of what is coming next. The coaching interaction will help bring clarity and focus as you align with God's destiny for your life. The cost and number of sessions will be negotiated.

Leadership coaching:

Sometimes you need to talk things through with someone who is outside of your ministry setting. Are you looking for someone to help you process what is happening in your leadership and your leadership situation? These coaching sessions are designed to connect you with an experienced leader who can help you discern what God is saying to you and how to make God honoring decisions as you move forward. The cost and number of sessions will be negotiated.

Spirituality coaching focused on your image of God:

A.W. Tozer wrote that the most important thing about us is what in the deepest part of ourselves we imagine God to be like. Why is this important? Because our imaging of God shapes how we respond to God, interpret situations and make decisions in life and ministry. We have observed that many of us have developed some images of God that are not accurate, healthy for us or Biblically accurate. Richard offers a 4-session coaching "course" designed to help you 're-image' God. You will heal faulty images of God and take the first steps along your journey toward developing an accurate Biblical image of God. The cost and number of sessions will be negotiated.

The mentoring/coaching process happens like this:

Step 1: Contact Richard by email and detail what you are looking for.

Step 2: Richard will respond with some clarification questions or will write a contract that outlines how the mentoring would work, a possible schedule and the costs included.

Step 3: An agreement is reached once the contract is settled and times and dates get scheduled.


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